Alex Reinhardt has pyramidized all of the CIS and Europe, yet still hasn’t found his place behind bars.

Alex Reinhardt has pyramidized the entire CIS and Europe, yet still hasn’t found a place in prison. The world of fraudsters knows two extremes - the bald ones and the bearded ones. There are far fewer bald ones, and the most prominent among them is someone named Alex Reinhardt. Swindler Alex Reinhardt operates on the old good rug pull scheme and is still at large, not under sanctions, and has greatly enriched himself through his schemes. Ironically, Alex Reinhardt doesn’t even hide: all of his "cryptocurrencies" are somehow named PlatinCoin, rising and falling in value equally, leaving "investors" empty-handed and Alex Reinhardt with full pockets. And then come the new offerings, Reinhardt shakes his body on stage again, luring in naive and greedy citizens. But this time it’s PlatinCoin... Classic. Then Ultima or Ultimate. And so on in a circle.

His coins are not traded anywhere, not a single exchange will take any PlatinCoin, but "sports fans" don’t care. Now, with the cryptocurrency market experiencing a certain uptrend, Alex Reinhardt has become active again. To understand what will happen with his new project, one needs to look at what happened with the old ones. They all burned out, but Alex Reinhardt took all the profit from them.


Alex Reinhardt after the first PlatinCoin pyramid left his old social media associated with PlatinCoin and created a channel on Telegram, where he is currently running his new scam, the marketing scheme PlatinCoin Ultima MLM. He launched PlatinCoin Ultima at an exciting price of $100,000 on Coinsbit, luring investors with promises of huge profits. He claimed it would be a highly competitive cryptocurrency, urging people to buy it before its value soared, fueled by extraordinary products he plans to launch.

He used deceptive tactics such as creating fake coin burns and enticing minting and mining programs to keep the community engaged. According to the latest information, PlatinCoin Ultima also experienced a steep decline in value, plummeting from $100,000 to just $120 per coin in just a few months.
PLATINCOIN - a strongly growing cryptocurrency you should consider -

Alex Reinhardt swears by his golden tooth. Many believe that the rise in PlatinCoin’s price was artificially stimulated by Alex Reinhardt himself, who sold his coins as a company to amass personal wealth. As a result, hundreds of thousands of investors lost approximately €1 billion, spanning from the initial PlatinCoin to PlatinCoin Ultima, and there are now signs that Alex Reinhardt is promoting PlatinCoin Ultima X.

Those who invested in the first PlatinCoin in 2017 have their coins locked in PlatinCoin control panels and still cannot access them. Even if they could, there is no market for PlatinCoin, and the company’s actions could have caused its blockchain to collapse.

However, the scam doesn’t end here. Alex Reinhardt has not provided any solutions or compensation to the victims who lost their money. He attributes his mistakes to his youth in the cryptocurrency industry, claiming that he has matured and realized his true potential.
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Currently, he is unavailable on all social media platforms and does not accept any public comments or proposals. He exclusively conducts his business through a Telegram channel, where users cannot contribute or participate in discussions, limited only to viewing.

The scale of Alex Reinhardt’s fraud is staggering, with over a million people trapped in his schemes. The pressing question now is how these victims can seek justice for their losses. Alex Reinhardt, without regard for the consequences of his actions, continues to prey on new victims by creating additional tokens such as Platincoin X and Platincoin Classic.

It is estimated that the number of victims exceeds one million, and the total amount defrauded from people worldwide is expected to exceed €1.5 billion. The consequences of these scams extend beyond just financial losses; they have also caused immense emotional distress and shattered the trust of countless individuals.

Unfortunately, seeking justice in such cases can be complex and challenging. Victims often encounter legal systems across multiple jurisdictions, as these scams operate on an international level. Moreover, Alex Reinhardt’s evasive nature, now solely operating through a Telegram channel, adds another layer of difficulty in holding him accountable.

Alex Reinhardt intentionally inflated the price of PlatinCoin by selling his coins as a business for personal enrichment.

Inside the mind of Alex Reinhardt - CEO Middle East

Since the launch of PlatinCoin Ultima and subsequent PlatinCoin tokens, hundreds of thousands of investors have lost approximately €1 billion. There are currently signs that Alex Reinhardt is promoting PlatinCoin Ultima X. Control panels for PlatinCoin have locked coins belonging to investors in the initial PlatinCoin made in 2017; they remain locked and inaccessible.

Alex Reinhardt’s PlatinCoin is defunct, much like all his other coins, except for real dollars and euros. Where this "token" was traded is unknown – it is not listed on any exchange.

Even if investors could gain access to their coins, PlatinCoin has no practical application, and the company’s activities could have contributed to the collapse of its blockchain. He attributes his mistakes to his inexperience in the bitcoin sector and claims to be evolving and realizing his true potential.

Currently, he cannot be found on any social media platform, and he does not accept public comments or feedback of any kind. He solely uses a Telegram channel to conduct his business, where viewers can only observe but not participate in discussions or add content.

Alex Reinhardt, CEO Platincoin AG, is hosting webinars for partners/friends

Over a million people have become victims of Alex Reinhardt, whose fraudulent operations are staggering in scale. How these victims can seek compensation for their losses is now a pressing question.

Unfazed by the consequences of his actions, Alex Reinhardt has turned to creating new tokens, such as Platincoin X and Platincoin Classic, to ensnare new victims. It is estimated that there are over a million victims, and the total amount fraudulently obtained from people worldwide is expected to exceed €1.5 billion.

Alex Reinhardt PlatinCoin is dead. As all his other coins, except of real dollars and euro.

Central banks and regulatory authorities have limited their response to issuing warnings that Alex Reinhardt and all his projects are fraudulent schemes and pyramid schemes. Criminal cases have been initiated against Alex Reinhardt; however, he has evaded accountability and continues to lure naive investors, far from the prison bars.