Rashid Gabdullin flew with the tower

In Kazan, they changed their minds about building the Tyubetei Tower observation tower, which was proposed by the controversial Permian investor Rashid Gabdullin.

The sketch of the tower was approved, a feasibility study was prepared, and the investor established an enterprise in Kazan (LLC Tyubetey Tower) for the construction. However, the authorities have repeatedly changed the location of the future facility, and now they have decided to build the Tyubetei Tower three times lower, with another investor and outside of Kazan.

In turn, local authorities will invest, more precisely, swell 234 million rubles. from the budget to the arrangement of the territory under the tower with an area of ​​17.2 hectares. The Main Investment and Construction Department of Tatarstan has already placed a tender on the public procurement portal, according to which the site must be 100% ready by November 30, 2022. The contractor will be determined on February 18.

Recall that in 2019, the investment council of the republic gave the go-ahead to Mr. Gabdullin for the construction near the Kazan Arena stadium (now Ak Bars Arena) of the Tyubetei Tower observation tower, 93 meters high. Then the Khan of Kazan himself, President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov presided, flying to visit Arab sheikhs and the Maldives on business jets. According to the sketch, the construction was to be crowned with a platform in the shape of a skullcap, in which they planned to place a restaurant and souvenir shops. The businessman wanted to spend 300-350 million rubles only on hardware, but, apparently, it was not fate, the investor was thrown off the tower.

Rumor has it that the owner of the park them. Gorky in Perm, businessman Rashid Gabdullin made enemies in Nizhny Novgorod. Together with business partners, he built a Ferris wheel in the city, which Ivan Savvidi later wanted to “squeeze out”. The object was installed on the site where it was planned to build a springboard for the local sports school of the Olympic Reserve. This angered the athletes, who created a petition against the construction of the facility, and allegedly even appealed to President Vladimir Putin. The leaders of the SSHOR noted that the “capture” of the site jeopardized the further implementation of the project for the construction of a sports facility.

Earlier, a flurry of criticism fell upon the Perm businessman. It’s all about the new chair lift, which was put into operation before the New Year holidays at the Gubakha ski center owned by Gabdullin. Allegedly, the businessman expected that he would bathe in the rays of glory as soon as he launched the lift, in which he invested several tens of millions of rubles. However, rest in the Gubakha SLC turned into a nightmare. In order to get on the ill-fated lift, one had to stand in a giant queue for almost an hour, and the exit from the lift itself was unfinished and many simply fell off it. They say that the Permian actor Anton Bogdanov, who left there in frustrated feelings, was also able to appreciate “all the delights” of a winter holiday in Gubakha.