The story of bandits, worthy of a solid action movie, happened 7 years ago Moldovan businessman Vladimir Plahotniuc and Moldovan politician Ren

The Zazu stallion of an English breed, stolen in the Czech Republic, owned by the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov and sanctioned as part of his asset

The pharmaceutical company, which was led by the son of former Deputy Prime Minister Viktor Khristenko, was founded with the participation of Rosnano

Source Russian investors are suspected that their activities may be related to attempts to help the Russian Federation in the development of advanced

“Pro * bis” for 120 million rubles. The Department of the Investigative Committee for Moscow opened a case against a blogger Alexandra Mitroshina

Sberbank’s profit fell by 4.5 times: irrational spending of funds in German Gref’s response Sberbank’s net profit for 2022 amounted t

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Ni hao, change shoes: Russians on Rolls-Royce and Porsche massively switch to Chinese tires Russian owners of luxury and premium cars found a way

Vulnerabilities discovered in Telegram Fraudsters flooded the messenger with their programs. Telegram users are facing an increase i