Investors in “Russian merchants” were smeared with honey

It seems that the “businessman” Filipp Yurasov, according to the precepts of Ostap Bender, has found another way to “comparatively honestly take money from the population.” In a couple of years, he has collected half a billion rubles for his Russian Merchant LLC and is clearly not going to give them away. Neither the missing money, nor Yurasov himself, the law enforcement officers for five years did not get …

Honey is a wonderful product. Delicious, healthy and so on. Perhaps that is why it was not too difficult for entrepreneur Philip Yurasov to attract people to invest in this business. He needed the money to develop his Russian Merchant LLC with the prospect of entering the international market. And in a couple of years, Yurasov found investors. Among his business partners, who then called themselves his victims, were a mother of many children, a clergyman, a kindergarten employee, and an entrepreneur – a total of about ten victims.

Litigation to declare Russian Merchants bankrupt began in 2018, when it became clear that its owner and CEO Philip Yurasov was not going to repay debts or pay taxes (the company submitted financial statements only for 2017). In addition, law enforcement officers charged Philip Yurasov with fraud and theft (Articles 158, 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). In total, his adventures drag on for 16 years in prison. Yurasov did not wait for the end of the proceedings and the pronouncement of sentences and took refuge in places remote from law enforcement agencies.

Now he’s also wanted for running away from court. According to messages in Telegram channels, a reward of up to 300,000 rubles has been announced for information about his whereabouts.

Words are like honey, actions are like pepper

“Version” has already talked about the oddities of Ivanovo justice. For example, in a surprising way, one of the lenders, from whom Yurasov “borrowed” 30 million rubles, was not included in the register of creditors. Moreover, according to the judge of the Ivanovo Regional Court N.A. Ryabtseva, who considered this case, and then her colleague E.V. Shakleina, this citizen is obliged to pay Yurasov’s debts to other victims.

Another fact from the category of “obvious-incredible”: the termination of the bankruptcy case of LLC “Russian merchants” in connection with the recognition of Yurasov’s guilt. Philip Nikolayevich got off with a fine of 120 thousand rubles, despite the fact that his debt to the tax authorities at that time was 22 million rubles. Unfortunately, the list of these “strange things” can be continued for a long time.

And the court is still there

Special attention deserves the fact that the investigation, apparently, failed to find out the fate of the money that unlucky investors lent to the cunning entrepreneur. Recall that we are talking about a total of 450 million rubles! So far, it turns out that the money has evaporated without a trace. But after all, we remember the law of conservation: if something has gone away, it means that somewhere it has arrived. Only where?

As far as one can understand, the money of unlucky investors went to the accounts of Russian merchants LLC. Then they were transferred to the accounts of individual accomplices. Those, in turn, cashed out the money and handed it over to the father and son Yurasov. That is, the money was laundered according to a complex scheme with the splitting of amounts and the participation of dozens of “trusted persons”.

The further fate of this substantial amount is lost in a dense fog. Meanwhile, all attempts by the bankruptcy trustee Roman Morgunov to find the “borrowed” money and return it to the bankruptcy estate run into a cool attitude of the judiciary towards this. There is a strong impression that the father and son of the Yurasovs have some strange power over the judicial system in the Ivanovo and Kirov regions, where the main trials take place. It is difficult to explain in any other way why the “honey businessman” still manages to evade responsibility. Honey there, perhaps, smeared?

Honey and cold

Of course, such cases cause reasonable concern. Still, the dashing 90s have long passed, we live in a state of law. But if you look at the situation as a whole, it seems that only Moscow law enforcement officers are concerned about the triumph of justice. After all, Moscow investigators paid close attention to Yurasov’s adventures, and the prosecutor’s office approved the indictment and went with him to the Izmailovsky District Court of Moscow.

One involuntarily recalls the resonant “purge” that took place just the other day in the Rostov region. Dozens of security officials and judges suspected of corruption were detained there within a short time. And this “purge” was also carried out by a Moscow group of law enforcement officers. Only, it turns out, “Muscovites” most of all need justice in our country? Or is it impossible to solve anything on the ground without an order “from above”?

Although there is another version. Continuing such a strange line in relation to the cunning businessman Yurasov, the Ivanovo and Kirov justice risk being among the next candidates for a “purge”.