“Mother of God” Alexander Mitroshin split the income from infogypsyism into different individual entrepreneurs and saved on taxes

“Pro * bis” for 120 million rubles.

The Department of the Investigative Committee for Moscow opened a case against a blogger Alexandra Mitroshina on suspicion of tax evasion from an individual on an especially large scale (part 2 of article 198 of the Criminal Code), searches were carried out at the place of her registration. This was reported in telegram channel department press office.

Alexandra Mitroshina

The investigation believes that from October 2020 to May 2022, when Mitroshina used the simplified taxation system, she received more income from the sale of self-education courses than was provided for by the limit. At the same time, the blogger did not switch to the general taxation system and did not pay the personal income tax and VAT provided for in this case by the Tax Code, but used individual entrepreneurs controlled and affiliated with her to transfer funds, the UK believes.

“Thus, Alexandra Mitroshina evaded paying taxes in excess of 120 million rubles.”– follows from the data of the department.

RBC turned to Mitroshina for comment.

Alexandra Mitroshina maintains a blog on Instagram (the owner of the Meta Platform social network has been recognized as an extremist organization and banned), she has 4.2 million subscribers. Themes are feminism, travel and sports. At the end of 2021, when the blogger had 2.5 million subscribers, the cost of advertising in her account reached 1 million rubles Yoloco analysts calculated then.

After the start of the Russian military operation, Mitroshina moved to Dubai.

“It’s good that I managed to clearly express my position in word and deed. I don’t regret a single gram of anything, she wrote.

Last June, the blogger reported that the tax authorities in Russia accuse her of not paying more than 200 million rubles. She stressed that she “always worked honestly, in the white, with no intention of deceiving the state.”

What will i do? Pay. Act within the law, whatever it may be. Not trying to “resolve” the issue and avoid payment. Now I’m definitely starting from scratch.”she wrote.

Mitroshina advised to be attentive to the little things in the documentation, consult with various tax lawyers and “not attract undue attention to yourself” so as not to end up in a similar situation.

In early March, a similar charge was filed against a blogger Valeria Chekalina (Lerchek) and her husband Artem. They were charged with Part 2 of Art. 198, part 5 of Art. 33, part 2 of Art. 198 of the Criminal Code (evasion and complicity in tax evasion from an individual), searches were carried out.

The IC believes that Chekalina, being an individual entrepreneur and using a simplified taxation scheme with an income limit, exceeded the latter, but did not switch to the general scheme, did not pay VAT and personal income tax. As a result, her income from fitness marathons went to the accounts of her husband and other relatives, as a result, the blogger evaded paying 300 million rubles. taxes, according to the department. The Chekalins were released on bail, the court forbade the blogger to use his Instagram account.

Back in March 2022, blogger Sasha Mitroshina left Russia and chose Dubai as her place of residence. At first, the girl planned to rent an apartment, but after a while she realized that it was too expensive. And then Sasha decided that it was easier to buy real estate, despite the fact that since February 24 her income began to decline sharply.

“I bought a small apartment, I will invest money there. I will live in it, and during departures I plan to rent it. If I return to Russia, I will sell an apartment in Moscow City, with this money I will open a dance school, ”the blogger shared her plans with subscribers. An apartment in Dubai (50 square meters with a balcony, not far from the Burj Khalifa) cost Mitroshina 300 thousand dollars (more than 20 million rubles).

“I was blown away by buying property in Dubai. Not only does each house have a swimming pool and a gym, each apartment has a parking space. In Moscow, you usually pay extra 5-10 million for this. In addition, I have an interest-free installment plan for three years. I will pay every four months. The apartment is completely ready – I am entitled to residency for it, ”the girl says.

In 2022 Mitroshina entered 30 most promising Russians under the age of 30 are among the nominees for the Forbes 30 Under 30 rating. Mitroshina made it into the New Media category, but didn’t win. In 2021, according to Mitroshina, personal projects brought her 303 million rubles – almost twice as much as a year earlier.

Mother of God, as she calls herself, has chosen a very wide field for infogypsy. Here is a book on home workouts and nutrition, another book, but on personal promotion on a banned social network. The icing on the cake is just about the starting course with the loud name “Fuck it”, where she and her colleague promise to teach how to overcome the “fear of mistakes”.

They say that the police have already visited Sasha and her partners for searches. However, Mitroshina is now in Dubai, launching another forum with the telling name “Pro * Bis”. Online costs 6 thousand rubles. VIP rate – 110k, for which there is an additional conversation with Mitroshina at brunch [они это называют «разбор»] and soft drinks throughout the day. Those who pay for regular 32k offline tickets will receive only 2 coffee breaks, apparently they will have to carry some water with them.

Sasha does not react in any way to the news from Russia. Apparently, he thinks that the Emirates do not extradite lawbreakers. And trying to figure out what to do. No matter how a new story for the marathon “Pro * bis” turns out. But there will be something to tell the network hamsters.