Moldovan drug lords and Russian banks

The story of bandits, worthy of a solid action movie, happened 7 years ago

Moldovan businessman Vladimir Plahotniuc and Moldovan politician Renato Usatii (name, of course, fire) came up with an original scheme for withdrawing money.

They attracted Oleg Vlasovchairman of the board of directors of as many as two Russian banks – Baltika and Inkredbank, who used his official position and organized transactions from Russia to Moldova.

From there, the money was transferred to other jurisdictions. So laundered ₽500 billion.

The piquancy of the story is that the former head of the Democratic Party of Moldova, Plahotniuc, is a drug lord, and he ordered his accomplice, the chairman of Our Party Renato Usatii, in 2017, to killers, but something went wrong and he is alive and healthy to this day.

Probably, this is how he conducts business with Plahotniuc. Well ordered and ordered, with whom it does not happen.

Yesterday Vlasov was arrested for 2 months in this case, and the Moldavian gentlemen are wanted.