LOWE, RICHARD (1810 - 1853), weaver and musician

Name: Richard Lowe

Date of birth: 1810

Date of death: 1853

Parent : Mary Lowe

Parent: Mathew Lowe

Gender: Male

Occupation: weaver and musician

Area of activity: Business and Industry; Music

Author: Robert David Griffith

Born in 1810 at Llanidloes, Montgomeryshire, the son of Mathew and Mary Lowe. A weaver by trade, he was taught the elements of music by James and Richard Mills. He was precentor at Llanidloes parish church for many years. Two hymn-tunes by him, ’ Pererindod ’ and ’ Diwygiad,’ appeared in Caniadau Seion and its Atodiad (Richard Mills). He moved to Newtown, where he died in 1853.